Day: March 10, 2016

Baby Owen

We had so much fun at this shoot with baby Owen. It was the perfect day, sun was out and it was a warm day despite the weather forecast saying it’s suppose to rain tomorrow. Owen was so peaceful and nothing rattled him. Babies grow up so fast and it was nice to be able to capture […]

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Baby Xaven

I got to meet baby Xaven for our newborn photo session a few weeks ago. For those wondering how Xaven is pronounced, it’s pronounced like Xavier. He is just one week young and he is so delicious! He was such a good baby and was such a trooper throughout the whole session. Cathy and Ky, you are […]

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My First Post…yay! So it’s been a long journey but I finally got here!  I decided to go on this photography journey and decided that I can build my own website (using a template of course). But oh man, I did not realize how many youtube video’s and reading other blogs and articles on how to […]

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