Category: Family

Mendoza Family

I had the pleasure to meet and capture baby Renzo. Big brother Riz and sister Samar later joined the party. Renzo is only two and a half weeks young and looks exactly like his big brother, Riz when he was the same age. You guys are officially outnumbered Anna and G!

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Phan Family

Last weekend we did a quick session with the Phan family. We planned the session for the next day on Sunday but it was forecasted to rain so we switched it to Saturday on the last minute and it was a good call by mommy Jane. It was a super nice day but as we […]

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Adventure Day

Happy Monday. Maybe not happy… it’s the beginning of the week, we are not happy. So, I decided to take the kids out on an adventure, location scouting for me. We drove not too far from home about 15 minutes or so towards Half Moon Bay along highway 35. Extremely gorgeous day compared to yesterday’s stormy […]

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