THE Camera Backpack

THE Camera Backpack

For those of you who have been looking high and low for a camera backpack, this is for you.

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve been looking for a backpack to hold my camera gear for leisure shoots and basically non-wedding shoots where I don’t need to bring my whole camera collection.

I knew I didn’t want a messenger bag since it would be in my way and I never liked carrying heavy shoulder bags due to the uneven weight distribution on my back. To me, backpacks are easier to carry and gives me two free hands at all times.

I also found that it isn’t so easy to find THE camera backpack after many days of looking around. Most of the camera backpacks I found looked too much like a camera bag and we don’t want that since it can be prone to being stolen and a lot of them are too big for my body stature.

I’ve had people tell me hey why don’t you just use a regular backpack and use an insert, which is an awesome idea except I’ve done that before and it wasn’t as secure as a bag that is meant to carry heavy and  expensive camera gears. If I were to flip the bag upside down by accident my gear would pretty much fall out and if my bag happened to fall upside down, everything would pretty much break into pieces (maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean).

So, here’s my round up of the top 6 camera backpacks that I’ve fallen in love with in terms of design, look, and fitting into my requirements….

  1. ONA-the bolton street $369

  2. Brevite- the original from $160

  3. Filson-photographers backpack $385

  4. HEX-dslr camera gear bag $174.95

  5. ONA-the camps bay $429

  6. Langly bag co.-multi pack $325




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